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HD 1 SPIRIT EMERALD Megalink 1 Megalink 2 Sat Truck 3 Sat Truck 4 Sat Truck 4B Dublin MCR



  • 12m Long
  • 2.5m wide non expanded
  • 4.2m wide expanded
  • 5.2m wide expanded and flaps open



14 HD / 4K / Superlow, Smpte Fibre and Triax camera positions 8 Radio Camera Channels
Imagine IP3 588 x 1024 3G/HD/SD router
Imagine 4K glue

Evertz 3G HD glue
96 monitor VIP production stack completely reconfigurable
Snell Kahuna 9600 4 M/E Multi-Format 4K Switcher (with lance controller) 4 Main Transmission Paths
Valid Sync Generator
Complimentary Wifi


RTS ADAM 112 port matrix
8 channels of RTS 2 wire channels 4 TAIT talkback radio channels
2 Systembase dual ISDN Codec’s 16 external 4 wire channels
16 omnio external channels
Telephone IFB, etc


Calrec Spirit
124 Audio inputs
48 Fader Surface
3 x Hydra remote stage boxes with 24 mic inputs and 8 line outputs each Imagine IP3 Madi interface
Full multi mix 5.1 with Dolby E
Joco recorder with madi
SpotOn Audio 5.1 playback system
UPM-1 Stereo to 5.1 upmix
OLED plus 16 monitor VIP displays


5 12ch EVS XT3’s, X-File, IPDirector etc.
5 twin VTRS (HDCAM, XDCAM, Digital Betacam, etc.).
96 monitor VIP VT and CO-ORD stack completely reconfigurable Multi DVD and USB recording facilities


8 HD / 2 4K Graphic Channels 

SPIRIT truck second draft
spirit production stack
int spirir2
int spiri3