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HD 1 SPIRIT EMERALD Megalink 1 Megalink 2 Sat Truck 3 Sat Truck 4 Sat Truck 4B Dublin MCR

Dublin MCR - IRL DUB-03 and DUB-02-EI

The specs for our Dublin MCR are as follows:

Digital MPEG2 NDS 422 RAS Encoders. These encoders are fully DVB compliant.

2 Uplink dishes to Atlantic Bird 2 at 8 degrees West for Europe only and Atlantic Bird 1 at 12.5 degrees West for Europe and US into Staten Island and US Eastern Seaboard.

2.4m Antennas, Loral 8000 upconverters and Ku Band amplifiers

Receive dishes on 10 satellites patchable to eight receivers

Studio, VT and production facilities

Live position on steps backdrop Pepper Cannister church in Georgian Dublin

Lines to major Irish Broadcasters

Fibre from DAIL Studios

Connected to ingest servers at Screen Scene post production facilities in Dublin.